According to the Vehicle Association (the AA), typical vehicle insurance coverage costs have actually increased by over 30% in 2011 with insurance for 17-22 year olds boosting by 47% usually. The sharp rise in automobile insurance premiums suggests that lots of drivers just can’t afford to drive or possess a car.

car DVR

One key factor for insurance costs rises is the rise in ‘money for crash’ deceitful cases. Some motorists are currently unjustifiably taking advantage of staging mishaps or intentionally creating accidents. These fraudulent chauffeurs then take advantage of insurance payouts, which consequently increase the expense of insurance policy premiums for straightforward and also law abiding residents.

Taking into account this fraud there is currently a new modern technology readily available to straightforward motorists, which are commonly known as car DVR systems. These little electronic cameras are fitted to the windshield of the car and videotape the roadway in advance, inside the automobile or even out of the back of the vehicle and also provide the vehicle driver with vital proof must they become associated with an accident. Some systems even record the vehicle speed, GENERAL PRACTITIONER area and G-forces of the car with an accelerometer to display the precise pressures of the lorry before, during and after a crash. What’s more these tools can be purchased for as little as ₤ 190.

The benefit of such modern technology is that a driver can rapidly send the evidence of an accident insurance claim to their insurance provider. Without this vital proof it can occupy to six weeks or even more to designate mistake when 2 motorists are arguing over the mishap.

The main costs triggered when examining and also making a decision mistake are:

Work with automobiles for the duration of the decision prior to fault is chosen
Further price of hire automobiles once fault is chosen
Automobiles off the roadway with potential loss of profits for both celebrations
Lots of chauffeurs who have been captured out in a ‘cash money for accident’ crash experience a lot more serious losses. In these circumstances the chauffeurs are typically required to straight endure insurance loss, and also can lose their no insurance claims. As soon as the moment pertains to restore their policy these ‘collision for cash money’ sufferers are then required to pay greater insurance policy premiums and are at risk of not having the ability to get guaranteed again.

Insurer have actually understood about these ‘black box’ kind of systems for many years (because 2002) now with Aviva introducing their ‘Pay as you Drive’ scheme based upon these sorts of systems

What shocks the on a daily basis motorist is that insurance companies do not honestly offer any kind of saving to chauffeurs using car DVRs offered by This is shocking as there are clear benefits of utilizing the car DVR systems.

If a CCTV system can help to lower structures insurance coverage, why can not a camera in an auto do the very same?? Extra activity is needed from insurer.

If they supply financial savings to chauffeurs, more chauffeurs will use these devices, which will help to boost roadway safety and security, will certainly protect against unethical vehicle drivers from abusing their insurance policies and which will certainly consequently aid to reduced vehicle and car insurance costs once more.

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