According to the feature of printed circuit board made by PCB OEM ODM, this area introduces exactly how to understand the various approaches of handmade, mainly have the adhering to plan.

1. Blade technique


For some circuits fairly easy, much less lines printed, you can make use of knife engraving to produce.In the format design, the wire form is needed to be as straightforward as possible. Usually, the welding pad as well as cord are incorporated into one, creating several rectangles.Because of the huge distributed capacitance of the identical rectangle-shaped pattern, the knife inscription approach is not ideal for high regularity circuits as well as complex circuits.

Based on the manufacturing of good graphics, with the blade along the steel ruler etched copper foil, the knife reducing depth of the copper aluminum foil with.

2. Mapping method

In the procedure of self-made printed circuit board with paint drawing approach, graphics by painting paint or various other anti-corrosion paint repainted, although basic and also simple, yet it is tough to explain the quality of assurance, frequently is the dimension of the welding disc is not consistent, published wire density is not uniform.In current years, there has been a movie graphics on the marketplace, this has the capacity to stand up to corrosion of the film density is just a couple of microns, there are loads of sorts of graphics, prevail graphics printed circuit board, there are various pads, adapters, IC leads as well as numerous signs.

The pattern is pasted on a transparent plastic film, as well as can be selected from the film with the suggestion of a knife as well as pasted on the copper dressed plate.After the pads as well as graphics are pasted, corrosion resistant tapes of various sizes are utilized to attach the pads to create printed wires.The entire chart can be worn away after being pasted.

3. Copper foil bonding approach

This is the most basic way to make printed circuit boards by hand in PCB OEM ODM, without attracting or wearing away them.A printed circuit board can be obtained by attaching the called for solder pad as well as a specific width of cord to the protecting substrate.Specific techniques as well as layouts


The v-mount approach is extremely similar, other than that the place is not an anti-corrosion film, yet a range of circuit graphics made of copper foil.Copper aluminum foil back coated with pressure-sensitive glue, as long as making use of pressure extrusion, you can firmly paste copper aluminum foil graphics on the insulation board.

4. Usage precoated plate method

Utilizing a special copper clad plate, the surface area of the copper foil layer is precoated with a layer of photosensitive material, so it is called “precoated photosensitive copper outfitted plate”, also called “photosensitive plate”. The production technique is as follows: photosensitive circuit board, likewise called photoprinted circuit board, is covered on the circuit card with photosensitive movie by straight irradiation of light, where there is light, the film will certainly be dissolved by the developer, and the undissolved film will certainly be preserved on the copper skin of the circuit board, so as not to be worn away by ferric chloride option, as well as finally retained as the circuit.It is simple as well as practical to rust 0.3 mm/0.2 mm (comparable to 2 lines within 1mm).

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